T H E   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S   C O A C H

  ​PRIVATE                            ACTING and PUBLIC SPEAKING  COACHING
Private acting coaching is important for actors, especially young ones who are still in the process of honing their craft.  Many famous celebrities still receive private coaching before a big audition, as they understand the importance of it.

               Audition Techniques
             Memorization skills

                        Scene Study                      
                Concentration skills 
   Goal Setting
                             How to make choices that work 
                  How to market themselves as an actor
                      Theater etiquette                          How to build their confidence and take risks

Miles Brown: Star of Blackish and Isaiah Morgan: Kidz Bop Star (back from when they first started working with Joanne at The Magic Mirror Theater in North Hollywood, California)

   ages 8-16      

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Class cost:

 $250 for new students


$200 for currently enrolled students

     A class focusing on Improv, Scene Work and Monologues just for KIDS!  Young actors will get the opportunity to work with others from all around the country in a supportive and challenging environment.  Actors need an audience, and in this class they get one!


Children of all ages can benefit from Online Acting Classes  with instructor: JOANNE MOSCONI!


 As the founder and owner of THE MAGIC MIRROR THEATER in North Hollywood,

California, Joanne has worked with thousands of children performers, many who  moved on to be working actors.