T H E   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S   C O A C H

"Do you know what a playwright is?  A playwright is someone who lets his guts hang out on the stage.”  ​    Edward Albee

Did you ever dream about writing for the stage?  Well now it's time to make your dream come true by registering for: LET'S WRITE A PLAY, an Online Playwriting course 

 Designed for all kinds of playwrights:     
      *those who never wrote a play before  
        *those who want to work on a new play
        *those on a draft of a work in progress…
This is your chance to learn and practice the magical craft of dramatic writing!  Under the guidance of Off Broadway playwright, director and producer Joanne Mosconi, you will get those creative wheels in motion as you develop and write the first draft of your next play.  Joanne gives concrete deadlines and constructive feedback in a supportive environment where you are encouraged to finally get your ideas written down on that page.  

It is easy for the creative artist to get stuck and procrastinate, but Joanne will push you beyond your limits and help you become unstuck. Through her no excuse approach, Joanne will make you take accountability for your work.
At the start of each week, a new lesson will be provided.  Lectures, followed by writing exercises and weekly assignments will be given.  Each lesson will also include discussion on other works where you will be asked to do an analysis to further enrich your understanding of writing a play.  Joanne’s personalized approach will provide you with individualized instruction where you can schedule meetings online to further help you meet your goals.    You will also have the opportunity to share your work with other students and help each other meet your goals.

So, are you ready to take the stage?  Grab that computer and let’s start writing The First

Cost: $300 ($30 per week)
                   To register:  Call- 424 346 0474 OR email- theperformingartscoach@gmail.com                                (Put in the subject line- Registration for Let's Write A Play)

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