T H E   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S   C O A C H

Can you imagine a world where you can take part in an acting class with other actors from all around the country right from the comfort of your very own home?  Well, it exists!  
.In order to join this class, you will need a computer and a private space to move around.  Also, you will need to get an online Zoom Account- which is FREE.   Once you create it, I send you your very own personal meeting ID.  
 Then, just Log onto your zoom account.                                         Enter the  personal meeting   ID- and join the magic.
This class is great for all levels!  
Consider it your own acting boot camp that you can do from anywhere in the world.




FOR THE ACTOR:  OUR SESSIONS CAN BE CONDUCTED IN PERSON OR ONLINE!  Our work is designed to address the entire audition process and prepare you for the before, during, and after.  It is important for the casting people in the audition room to see what “YOU” personally can bring to the role.  Our services focus on finding what makes you “the actor” who “you” are.  Then, through exercises and technique, the actor is given a strategy for taking those qualities and incorporating them into the audition material.  This process allows actors to access a broader range of emotions and choices that will make the role multi-dimensional. Auditioning is a discipline every actor must master.  To do this, actors must be both prepared and flexible.  This balance is what we work on during our sessions.  We also work with actors who want to develop their craft.  To do this, our services focus on listening skills, delivery, consistent performances, booking work and creating opportunities, monologue development, scene study, improvisation, discipline, integrity and commitment.