T H E   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S   C O A C H


FOR THE ACTOR:  OUR SESSIONS CAN BE CONDUCTED IN PERSON OR ONLINE!  Our work is designed to address the entire audition process and prepare you for the before, during, and after.  It is important for the casting people in the audition room to see what “YOU” personally can bring to the role.  Our services focus on finding what makes you “the actor” who “you” are.  Then, through exercises and technique, the actor is given a strategy for taking those qualities and incorporating them into the audition material.  This process allows actors to access a broader range of emotions and choices that will make the role multi-dimensional. Auditioning is a discipline every actor must master.  To do this, actors must be both prepared and flexible.  This balance is what we work on during our sessions.  We also work with actors who want to develop their craft.  To do this, our services focus on listening skills, delivery, consistent performances, booking work and creating opportunities, monologue development, scene study, improvisation, discipline, integrity and commitment.

Can you imagine a world where you can take part in an acting class with other actors from all around the country right from the comfort of your very own home?  Well, it exists!  
.In order to join this class, you will need a computer and a private space to move around.  Also, you will need to get an online Zoom Account- which is FREE.   Once you create it, I send you your very own personal meeting ID.  
 Then, just Log onto your zoom account.                                         Enter the  personal meeting   ID- and join the magic.
This class is great for all levels!  
Consider it your own acting boot camp that you can do from anywhere in the world.


Class meets online for 4 weeks starting Tuesday, January 15th at 8:30pm EST.  You will then be on your own for the 4 weeks to follow and then will meet one more time with the group on Tuesday, February 12th at 8:30pm EST.

COST of CLASS- $250.00

Register before Christmas and pay only $175.00  To Register- go to 

Purpose of the course:
Please note: this is not an Acting Class, but rather a Self Development Class to help you Stop Making Excuses so that you could Live the Life you really want.  Through sharing, listening and goal setting we will all choose one Goal we are ready and willing to accomplish in 2019.  Too often, we forget that we have the power to choose.  We accept the expectations and conflicts that are around us, and lose a bit of who we are and what power we have. 

One of the reasons I love a New Year is that it is a time for us to start over, change directions and reinvent ourselves exactly as we want!  It’s a new opportunity to set goals, reflect and ask what we want more of in our lives.

Is this the year you want to write a book?  Book a role in a television show?  Direct a film?  Perform live on stage?  Get fit and healthy?   

What is it that you want?  Maybe you don’t know and that’s okay too.  But by the end of our 4 weeks, you will be motivated, inspired and kicked in the butt to start launching whatever it is you say you want!  You will then be partnered with an accountability partner who will help you achieve what it is you say you want in the 4 weeks to follow.  We will then meet up for one last class on:  Tuesday, 2/12 to check in and share how we crushed our goals and got rid of our excuses.

This will not be easy, as nothing in life worth pursuing ever is.  And that’s why you will have our group.  Every day, I will send you quotes, daily reminders and more to a group email.  You should comment, share, write to one another and use the platform in a way to support one another.  I find that the best way I can accomplish my goals is when I am in the conversation with others like myself.  Therefore, I will ask you to enroll in each other’s possibilities.  Have each other’s backs as we take on 2019 like we never took on a  year before.