Congratulations the show was awesome today!!!.  You have a very talented cast and you did an amazing job directing and choreographing the show.  I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Annie and Daddy Warbucks were amazing.  Miss Hannigan was hilarious.  The orphans were adorable.  And FDR did a great job. 

Kayla is having a blast.  She loves being a part of this production.  She is excited every time there is a rehearsal.  She was bummed when she found out there is only 4 shows she was hoping for 6.

She has a special card and a gift for you but wanted to wait to give them to you at the cast party?  Is it after the performance next Saturday, November 20th?

 The rest of the family is looking forward to seeing the show and watching Kayla perform.  Thank you for your continued support and for helping Kayla grow and develop as an actor.

Christy Shaw

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for an amazing Job of Directing and creating such a fun show dedicated to breast cancer and doing something for others!  This is the heart and passion of what we all should be putting out there and you made it seen and made the kids a part of it.  They feel passion toward someone else and it shows in their performance!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Blessings Always,

 Joanne is a beautiful soul both inside and out and truly wants to help others bring out their best in the Entertainment Industry! I had the pleasure of working with Joanne in her Theater group and I felt so loved and welcomed!! Being around Joanne will only make you feel better!! Cheers to the best success for all!        

Vanessa Mesia

 Highly Recommend!

"Joanne has played a significant role in the development of my daughter's acting career. Her first experience was being cast in a theater production in Hollywood under Joanne's direction at the age of 5. Since that time, my daughter has performed in multiple theater shows, attended private acting classes, workshops, and online sessions (through Skype) for audition preparation with Joanne.

My daughter is now 12 years old and has just been offered a main supporting role in a movie that will begin filming in early 2017. Joanne is an integral part of the fun, exciting, emotional, and exhausting road that has led us to this juncture.

I highly recommend Joanne to work with your aspiring actor or actress!"                                         

Candace Lander Kapavik

 Joanne is a fantastic instructor and director! I have worked with her for years and her support has been so impactful in my life. She has truly helped me grow as an artist and I have watched her empower countless others, both children and adults. She sees the potential in her clients and really knows how to bring out the best in them. Her knowledge, extensive experience, generous nature and energetic spirit make her an amazing teacher. She will both make you a better artist and make you more marketable. I absolutely adore her, and you will love working with her too!        

Thank You,

Rachel Julig

 A great coach!

"Joanne is a wonderful coach. Smart, caring and encouraging, she always pushes her students to be the best. She is able to tap in to what her students need and elevate their performance to the next level. I highly recommend her!"  


Stacy Ann Raposa

A true professional who who brings out the best in her colleagues.

"Joanne Mosconi is a dedicated professional who was a pleasure working with. She brings high standards and brings out the best in everyone. I not only recommend her but will hopefully get another opportunity to work with her. A true lover of the stage and craft."        

George Capacete                                

JJoJoanne is a great coach!

"A few years ago I attended Joanne's theatre classes and absolutely loved it. She helped me get rid of my shyness and gave me encouragement,helpful advice, understanding, and dedication to helping me achieve my acting goals Joanne is authentic and intuitive; she created the perfect theatrical environment, fun yet demanding! Thanks to my experience with her, I've improved and been successful in my auditions.

-Viktoria Baklan."                              

Hello Joanne,

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Andrea is so happy! She said you are the best teacher in the word, we agree with her.
We need to know about next show, as Andrea would love to be part of it.  Thanks.


Andrea's mom

Hi Joanne,

Many thanks for the GREAT rehearsals; I can tell Jeordy is growing by leaps and bounds as an actress with the homework and direction you are giving them.


 Joanne was fantastic!! 

"Joanne was a pleasure to work with. I worked with her for about a year. She is knows art of Acting and Directing very well. She is very passionate about what she does. She also has the ability to teach just about any type of actor at any level of skill. I would highly recommend working with Joanne. On top of that Joanne is very people friendly, personable and fun to be around making the process even more enjoyable and easy. I have also work with Joanne along with children and she was stellar with the kids. all of the children loved her and she was great with the parents as well.
One thing I was always impressed with Joanne was that she always picked up on everything and if needed gave the right adjustment for that situation whatever it was. Sometimes I would be doing something or not doing something and she would give me an adjustment along with a reason as to why it was important in a way that I wouldn't forget her advice even years later. I remember a lot of Joanne's instructions in many different situations and still use them to this day.
Joanne is a fantastic Coach and a wonderful person. Working with her was not work to me it was a joy filled with so much creative passion.

Tyler Daschuk

 Professionalism from creating and directing to producing!

"I was fortunate to have been directed by Joanne Mosconi several times. I hold her creativity and professionalism in the highest regard. From comedy to drama, her original plays are excellent. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"                                         

‚ÄčLen Smith

Hi Joanne :o)

 We wanted to thank you for all you have done to make ALICE IN NEVERLAND such a FANTASTIC show!!  You, Kate and Kajal make such an amazing team...always offering such a warm welcome to everybody and making each actor feel so special.  It's such a joy for our family to be a part of the Magic Mirror Family. 

We absolutely LOVE the show!  The characters are so much fun!!  Lauren is really thrilled to be part of the cast.  She's enjoying every moment and every role, especially the Cheshire Cat and Dinah!  Meow!! :o)  Kate is an amazing director and we feel very blessed to work under her direction, and yours too!   

 We can hardly wait for the next show, but I guess we'll have to :(   We're excited to be bringing more family with us this weekend.
See you Saturday!
Thanks again for all you do! 

Diane & Greg and Lauren :o)

Joanne Joanne starrted my son in acting and helped him secure two regular roles on two TV shows.  

Brian Herzig    

Extreme gratitude for Joanne Mosconi,  The  Magic Mirror and the foundation created for my child

"My Son Isaiah Morgan received the greatest education and experiences while enrolled at Magic Mirror Theater. Isaiah was 4 years old when he began his education/training at this theater under the direction of Joanne Mosconi. Joanne was incredibly passionate, intelligent, creative, dedicated, and ran her company filled with purpose. Due to the knowledge received, my son went on to work on various projects. He worked on theater projects alongside Ben Vereen, Neil Patrick Harris, Ariana Grande, & Sabrina Carpenter. Has worked on dozens of commercials for Disney Store & Disney Channel and various other companies. He has been a part of 3 productions at The LA Opera working with Woody Allen, Placido Domingo, and currently is cast in Macbeth under the direction of Tony award winner Darko Tresnjak.
Due to the professionalism and true education received by Joanne and her company, prepared Isaiah for his journey. We are extremely grateful for all of her dedication to not only our son but to everyone who entered her company."                                         

Sylvia Hernandez

 Joanne is fantastic!

"Joanne is a wonderful performing arts coach for both children and adults. She is extremely knowledgable and talented with an infectious energy and a positive approach to coaching. She brings out the best in her actors. She fostered and nurtured me as an artist and brought me so many opportunities. I can never thank her enough!"                                         

Rachel Orlikoff

Joanne taught in the classroom next to mine for some years during her tenure at our school in New York. I saw the enthusiasm with which students entered her class, the delight with which they left, and the polished performances they delivered at year's end. I was also fortunate enough to see a stage production which she had written and directed off Broadway. In every case, her dedication, professionalism, and her passion for the craft were evident and obvious. Joanne is a gift to all who have known her in any capacity.        

John Weishahn

I loved working with Joanne! She directed me in a play(Sex In Manhattan) and I really enjoyed and benefited from her ability to direct. She was motivating and inspiring and gave excellent notes for me as an actor. I just returned from being oversea for many years as I was acting in action movies in Asia and one of the first people I contacted was Joanne to see what she was working on. I would love to work on another play if she puts something up and would recommend any actor to try and audition or take classes from her. Thanks Joanne and if your back in LA let me know if you have anything for me to come and audition, great luck!        


Hi Joanne,
I wanted to say thank you again for what you have done for Samantha. The play was super cute! My husband has always been against this whole 'acting' thing with Samantha. He thought it was a waste of our money. But after he saw the show he was just smiling so much. He now says he thinks it was definitely worth it and he would go along with it next time around. He even might go again next week and bring Samantha's grandma. We both really enjoyed it.

Thank you,

Joanne Mosconi- Acting coach extraordinaire!

"I worked with Joanne Mosconi from 2008-2013 as her Stage Manager and Technical Director for the Magic Mirror Theater. It was the most incredible experience i've had in Los Angeles theater. Watching Joanne transform young aspiring actors into professional, successful, WORKING actors was a miracle, to say the least! Kids from ages 5 to 16 years old went from having difficulty performing in front of a live audience to booking primetime television shows and superbowl commercials! Joanne has a coaching method that is both extremely positive and tough on young actors. She knows exactly how to tune into issues like auditioning, remembering lines, focusing, getting into character and anything you can think of! She is a genius and i've attended every rehearsal to witness her true art and passion. I'm grateful i've had the chance to work with such a talented acting coach!"                            

Kajal Ardestani


                                                                         T H E   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S   C O A C H

Joanne is a master! I've watched her transform children into stars. She's kind, patient but still gets results! One of my best girlfriend's has a daughter who's booking one commercial after the next. Joanne gives children confidence through her special ability to be able to relate to them! I've also seen her work with many adults (including myself) with AMAZING results, giving them the confidence and ability to perform on stage and on camera. This woman knows her stuff and she's a true professional! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who's looking to break into acting, take their acting to the next level or just have fun with theater. A truly gifted teacher!! I was blessed to have a close friend refer me to her.  

Edwina Vale